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Last updated on: November 06, 2019
The schedules display arrival and departure passenger flights within only two days (today and tomorrow).
Navoi International Airport LLC  accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors, incompleteness or delays, or for any reliance by you or any third party on this information. Navoi International Airport LLC reserves the right to cancel this service at any time without prior notification.
All times are shown in local time (depends on where arrival/departure is taking place).
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  Airline Flight Origin Date STA ETA (ATA) Status Remarks
Airport codes


TAS Uzbekistan Flag Tashkent International Airport, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan Flag Zarafshan International Airport, Zarafshan, Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan Flag Karshi Airport, Karshi, Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan Flag Termez Airport, Termez, Uzbekistan
Russia Flag Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Moscow, Russia
LED Russia Flag Pulkovo Saint Petersburg Airport, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Navoi Tue, 15 Jun

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