«TONG»- Café-Restaurant & Night Club

Cuisine:European & National
Location: H. Dustligi Str.152, Navoi

(8-436) 224-95-41

General Info: Guests of TONG are people of various ages. Here you can enjoy delightful meals as well as attractive music and inspired atmosphere.


«TARONA»- Café-Restaurant & Night Club

Cuisine:European & National
Location: X. Dustligi Str.152, Navoi.

General Info: Essentially, TARONA is a night club for younger generation. Here you can dance through the night. However, during day time it is a pretty nice place where people of different ages like to satisfy their taste.


«DILNOZA»- Restaurant

Cuisine:European & National
Location: #9 Micro District, Navoi.

Some info: DILNOZA is a large restaurant, mostly for celebration of large scale events like Uzbek weddings and jubilees.

«IMPERIAL»- Café-Restaurant

Cuisine:European & National
Location: 52 H. Dustligi Str., Navoi

(8-436) 224-70-80

General Info: IMPERIAL is a decent restaurant well known for delightful European cuisine. The restaurant is notable with large number of clients.


«FAUNA»- Café-Restaurant

Cuisine:European & Uzbek
Location: 52 H.Dustligi, Navoi

(8-436) 223-84-99

General Info: FAUNA is among first restaurants opened in Navoi City and keeping their brand up to now by providing delicious meals.

«XURSAND»- Café-Restaurant

Location: 152 H.Dustligi Str., Navoi
(8-436) 224-83-83
General Info: «Xursand» - one of the most favorite restaurants of residents of Navoi. Every day you can see there a lot of people. Delicious national cuisine is one of the most principal differences from other restaurants. «Xursand» is mainly known for «Somsa»


Location: 2 Abduramanova Str, Navoi

(8-436) 223-35-93

General Info: APELSIN is a popular night club, mainly among younger aged people. Good service, loud music, lots of people.


«PARADISE»- Restaurant-Night Club

Cuisine:European and National
Location: 2 Abduramanova Str., Navoi.
 (8-436) 223-46-40

General Info: PARADISE is definitely the most popular night club in Navoi City. Here, you will have maximum relaxation and enjoyment. In warm seasons, PARADISE launches its open air restaurant, which is very much pleasing place to have business lunches or just hang out with friends. You can really enjoy the time here in Paradise.



Cuisine:European & National
Location: Micro District #5, Navoi
 (8-436) 223-75-47
General Info: ALLADIN is lovely, cozy place to relax with friends or family members. Outdoor seating, good servicing, green trees around you.
5 stars

«5 Stars»- Café-Restaurant

Cuisine: European & National
Location: Micro District #10, Navoi.

General Info: ERKIN is mainly known for its national meals like «shashlik», «manty», «osh», etc.

Taj Mahal
«TAJ-MAHAL»- Café-Restaurant

Cuisine:European & National
Location: 2 Abdurahmonova Str.,Navoi
(8-436) 223-95-83

General Info: TAJ-MAHAL – pleasant place, nice design, neat service and of course music.

Dolce Vita
«DOLCE VITA»- Restaurant
Cuisine:European & National

Location: 16 Ibn Sino Str., Navoi

(8-436) 221-44-77

General Info: DOLCE VITA is one of the most famous restaurants among younger generation. Excellent food and service. Outside as well as inside seating is up to your choice. Also DOLCHE VITA is famous for its korean food.


«SOGDIANA»- Café-Restaurant

Cuisine:European & National
Location: 103 A Galaba., Navoi

(8-436) 223-50-70

Some info: SOGDIANA is an elegant restaurant with perfect atmosphere for dining with business colleges, friends or with a family. You will always remember time spent in Sogdiana.

«YOSHLIK»(YOUTH)- Café-Restaurant

Cuisine: European & National
Location: 4 B Zarapet’yan Str, Navoi

(8-436) 223-18-86

Some info: YOSHLIK is a cafe-restaurant with one of the best "green" outside-door seatings. Many trees and bushes surround the place so you will really enjoy being outside and having delicious meals and cold beverages. Besides, inside-door seating is also available.


«VSTRECHA»- Café-Restaurant

Cuisine:European & National
Location: 57 A X.Dustligi Str., Navoi

(8-436) 225-03-27

General Info: VSTRECHA is a very pleasing place with wide range of meals. The restaurant is best known in the city for its chicken made meals. VSRTECHA is favourite destination of Korean Air staff.

«AL-JASUR»- Café-Restaurant

Cuisine:European & National

General Info: AL-JASUR is one of the best restaurants in the city. Delicious food will satisfy any critics taste. Open air and inside seating, excellent service and professional cooks.


«SHAMs-FOODs»- Fast-Food

Location: 52 A H. Dustligi, Navoi
(8-436) 770-30-30
Some info: Hot, appetizing and high-calorie dishes in 20 minutes for you on your table in Navoi city! equiped with world brands, food from hands of professionals! Pizzas, salads, chicken dishes, danars... The Leader network shops, offers to tame your appetite tasty, ecologically safe, high-calorie food from SHAMs-FOODs, located in "Vosxod".

«XUJA NASRIDDIN»- Café-Restaurant

Cuisine: National
Location: 2 Abduramanova Str., Navoi

General Info: XUJA NASRIDDIN is best place for Uzbek national meal - «osh».


«ERKIN»- Café-Restaurant

Cuisine:European & National
Location: Micro District #10, Navoi.

General Info: ERKIN is mainly known for its national meals like «shashlik», «manty», «osh», etc.


«RICHARD»- Restaurant

Cuisine:European and National
Location: Micro District #6, Navoi

(8-436) 223-35-81

General Info: The only word to describe the restaurant is «luxury». For your convenience inside and outside seating available.


«VISOL»-Weddings House

Cuisine:European and National
Location: 2nd floor GUM , Navoi

(8-436) 223-45-60
General Info: Wedding house. Visol wedding ceremonies house is famous for its big premise for carrying out of wedding ceremonies.

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