Parks and monuments

«Alisher Navoi» Park

The park is located in city centre and adds beauty and attractiveness to the city’s look. Variety of flowers, trees, monuments, quiet atmosphere helps, though for a while, to forget about difficulties of life, misfortune, in short, it is possible to forget about everything and to take pleasure and relax in a silent environment.

In the centre of the park there is a monument dedicated to great thinker Alisher Navoi. Every day it is possible to see a heap of visitors around the monument: schoolboys, students, enamoured couples and at the pick of a wedding season you can also see many grooms and brides coming and putting bouquets of flowers to the monument.
«Saint Mother» Monument
The monument has been put in honor of mothers, who, during World War Two, have sent their sons to fight in war for peace and freedom of people of their country. Nearby the monument, on the left and right sides there are «hanging books». In these books there are lists of all soldiers, those who came back and did not from the War. On January 14th, The Day of Motherland Defenders, and on May 9th, The Memorial Day, everybody come to this monument to put flowers and take pictures.

«Navoi» Lake

Navoi City was built in desert place. Hence, city designers projected large artificial lake in the center of the city to provide air humidity system. In turn, surrounded by parks and carousels, it became, perhaps, the most favorite leisure place of Navoi people. They come here to relax, forget about city turmoil and just enjoy swimming and tan on the beach. Besides, you may rent one of the catamarans administration of the lake has and cruise in the lake with a partner or alone.

«Unknown Soldier» Monument

The monument is directly behind the Farhad Palace of Culture. This is another place for people to come and relax since many beautiful trees and flowers encircle the monument. You can enjoy the quiet environment prevailing here. Many people like to walk inside the park after they spend most of the day in business offices. Children run around playing games, couples enjoy themselves just having conversations on benches and elder generation prefers reading magazines on open air. In short, the place is beloved by everybody.

Navoi Tue, 15 Jun

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