Cultural activities


Palace of culture ''Farhod''
Palace of Culture «Farhod»
Address: 21 Navoi Street
Phone: 223-34-40
This is the culture center of the city. There are several study and hobby groups which exploit talents of many people in Navoi. Besides, the center holds different holiday ceremonies, concerts, comedy clubs and other events.
Palace of Culture «Shirin»
Address: 4 Memorlar Street
Phone: 224-43-61

Palace of Culture «Shirin» is the largest multifunctional complex in Navoi. Located in the middle of the city, the eastern-style building boasts a packed cultural calendar throughout the year. Different holiday ceremonies, concerts and other events are held here.
House of culture
House of Culture «Navruz»
Address: 4 Amir Temur Street
Phone: 223-85-85

The house of culture "Navruz" serves as a centre for the cultural work of various organizations. The building contains a lecture hall, study rooms and discussion rooms, a library, a conference room and a records room. The concert and congress hall is the main feature of the house.
«Uzbekiston»  Movie Theatre
Address: 14 Zarapetyan Street

This is a large modern cinema that was constructed in the latter part of the 1970's. There are a bar and a restaurant that have separate entrances at the right side of the cinema. Uzbekiston Movie Theatre usually plays Russian and Uzbek movies. Occasionally, western movies are also played here, translated into Russian. Other events like holiday performances are also staged here.
Navoi Museum

«Navoi» Museum

Museum studies Uzbek literature, collects and saves materials and intellectual culture of Uzbek nation that has thousands years of history. In the big hall visitors become familiar with interesting and huge literature inheritance of Alisher Navoi, Bobur, Nadira, Uvaysi and other poets and writers. These unique works, which were retyped several times and handed over across generations, are kept as manuscript.

Central Market

«Central» Mosque

The Central Mosque is place of worship for followers of Islam which was reconstructed in 2005 to serve the Muslims in Navoi city. It is famous for its beautiful eastern style and unique architecture.The purpose of the Mosque is to provide religious services, educational and cultural activities to the Muslim community and serve as a source of information.





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