Departures from NVIThe following simple steps are to complete the departure procedure.


International Flights

In order to complete all formalities in time please arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to scheduled departure time of international flights.

Registration to international flights ends 40 minutes prior to departure.

Domestic Flights

Check-in for domestic flights:

Arrive 1 and half hour before departure for Boeing -767, 757,А-310 Registration ends 30 minutes prior to departure.

Passengers, who paid not less than 50% of transportation tariff, have the following free baggage allowance:

· First class 40 kg
· Business class 30 kg
· Economy class 20 kg

Excess and special luggage transportation (animals, sports equipment, luggage exceeding fixed norms) are paid according to tariffs for excess and special luggage.

To ensure passenger and aircraft security, all baggage is inspected prior boarding. Flammables, high-pressure gas, weapons and explosives are prohibited.

Hand Luggage departure3
The hand luggage weight cannot exceed 8 kg for passengers of economy class and 10 kg for passengers of the first and business classes.

The dimensions of the hand luggage should not exceed 56x40x25 cm. The maximum size of hand luggage on the sum of three dimensions should not exceed 115 cm (including wheels, handles and pockets).

Money and documents should be carried by yourself and not be included into checked baggage.
It is prohibited to carry as a hand luggage following items: scissors, knives, make-up things, but may be packed in check-in luggage.
Customs Declaration
Prior to proceeding for Customs Office inspection, please fill out Customs Declaration form which can be obtained on any of the three stands inside the Passenger Terminal. You must be aware of departure passenger allowances and restrictions of customs office.
Immigration check will require you to provide your passport and air ticket.
After the immigration check, you shall proceed to the Waiting Lounge before boarding.
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