To become respected major multimodal logistics center at the heart of Eurasia, by connecting international Air, Rail and Overland routes into single Hub based on Navoi International Airport

Our Vision represents ultimate objective of our development strategy, and the way how we aim to see ourselves, and to be seen by others in the future.


Pursuing the achievement of the development level defined in our vision, we set our mission as - to make Navoi International Airport the center of emerging multifunctional logistics hub of Central Asia in a decade, and to work on further expansion of the geographic scope and operational capacity of our logistics network. Meanwhile for fulfilling our mission in the most effective way, we commit ourselves to:

· Contributing our effort to industrial, economic and social development of Uzbekistan as a whole, and that of Navoi region in particular;

· Improving the level of services offered at all fields related to the activities maintained in our airport's complex infrastructure;

· Gaining trust and respect of our partners and investors by maintaining the principle of mutually beneficial business;

· Creating the safest possible environment for our customers (passengers), employees and partners;

· Considering the environmental concerns in every action we undertake and working for the amelioration of ecological conditions everywhere we operate;

· Offering challenging and awarding career opportunities to employees in a rapidly developing business environment
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