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As representatives of rapidly emerging Navoi International Airport, we consider Airline companies as our main customers. Especially, we look forward to building strategic partnership with all interested Airline companies which operate flights in any part of the World and Eurasian continent.

· The Airlines maintaining long distance flights within Eurasia have the opportunity to use unique geographic location of the airport (as a T/L destination for example) which could function as the shortest bridge between East Asia's biggest manufacturing hubs with Western Europe's consuming centers.

· Easy access to jet fuel at competitive cost highlights again the Navoi Airport's attractiveness as an investment destination for Airline Companies;

· Creation of Free Industrial Economic Zone designed to become high technologies production oasis of Uzbekistan and its location next to the Navoi Airport, can be another opportunity to make the airport a perspective flight destination for many regional Airlines who could take their own advantages from growing market of Central Asia;

· Strong Government support for the development of the airport's infrastructure represents the core of business opportunities for many Airline companies;

Certainly, we also seek cooperation chances with International Airlines in passenger transportation business.

· Huge inbound tourism potential of Uzbekistan, and the proximity of Navoi International Airport to main touristic cities such as Samarkand and Bukhara, could be the best platform for developing passenger transfer by air in the coming years.

Our homepage provides almost all the necessary information about our airport itself, or about our activities, and in particular about the rates and conditions of flight operations for Airlines (Charges).

And as business developing measures, we propose International Airline companies special and very attractive rates for all services that we undertake and we are always open to discuss the terms, conditions or costs that Airlines consider as important to their business at Navoi airport.

We look forward to mutually beneficial and strategic business relationships with every Airline company willing to cooperate with us.


All Airline companies' representatives are very welcome to address Marketing department, for any questions or further information.
Available in English, Uzbek and Russian
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