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Navoi airport is being established as a leading cargo hub in Сentral Asia and, as a result of recent infrastructure investment and professional manpower training, it provides the highest level of cargo service to customer airlines and freight forwarders. Today, NIA is one of the most important Cargo handling centres for the Central Asia, providing efficient and reliable air cargo services with the highest standards of safety and security. NIA's advantages as an air cargo hub include:

Geographical Strength

-Situated at the heart of Central Asia
-Accessibility to major logistics hubs of Europe and Asia within 6 flying hours
-Ideal connection of Europe with regional hubs in Asia

CIS Market
-Largest population in CIS
-Growing CIS Market

-Air & land transportation being developed by Korean Air & Hanjin
-Crossroad of rail, road and air transportation lines
Industry and Resources
-Proximity to steadily growing Free Industrial Ecomonic Zone(FIEZ)
-Rich in natural resources (oil, gas, gold and etc.)
-Qualified and competitive workforce

Significant Capability

-Ramp and cargo handling capability of international standards
-Management and support by Korean Airlines
Cargo Handling at NVI
Uzbek Gov't Support
-Presidential decree on Navoi FIEZ and Airport development
-Unprecedented support from Uzbekistan Government

As the fastest growing airport in the central Asia, Navoi airport handled more than 49,000 tonnes of cargo in 2010, 50,000 tonnes in 2011 and expects over 60,000 tonnes for 2012. Navoi airport will continue to raise its level of cargo service and consistently sets new standards in operational efficiency and expertise to meet the growing needs of our customers.

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