Consignor-Consignee survey

                                           Dear customers (consignors / consignees)!

Cargo Terminal of Navoi International Airport always ready to provide cargo services at the highest level to our customers. On this basis, we should be aware of implementation and quality of freight-cargo services that offered by us to you. To this effect, we hold surveys on our cargo services.

Surveys are held to assess the quality of implementation of carrying out processes, sending and receiving mail and cargo, as well as to identify your opinions, requests and wishes to increase the level of cargo services!

You can download consignor-consignee survey for cargo services here. And you can download application of consignor for cargo handling here.

After filling out the survey, you can send it to our e-mail: cargo.nvi @,,
or fax: +(99879)770-31-74.

                                                                         ON BEHALF OF NAVOI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT
                                                       WE THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING IN SURVEY

Navoi Tue, 15 Jun

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