Cargo Handling

Navoi international airport has its own ground/cargo handler, organized and trained by Korean Air, the world's No 1 cargo carrier. We are fully equipped to handle a wide variety of aircraft including B747F, B777F, A300F and IL76F and any type of special shipments including outsized products. Since 2008, we have been successfully handling B747-400 and A300-600 freighters with on-time performance of 98% (2011) in average and are capable of handling 3 fully loaded B747-400 freighters simultaneously and over 20 full freighters a day. From 03 March 2015, A300F were swapped to B767 Freighters which can carry up to 55 tons freight.
Warehouse cargo handling capacity is 300 tons a day. 
Navoi International Airport stands for innovation openness to new and unexpected ideas from the executive suite to the airport terminal staff, Innovation is deep-rooted in our culture and brings:
· Warmth, Flexibility and Speed to our customers;
· Responsibility, Autonomy, and an Enterprising Spirit to our managers;
· Equal Opportunity, Personal Development and Professionalism to our employees.
· Handling of import, export and transfer cargo, including all documentation
· Complete handling of special freight such as dangerous goods, express and courier shipments, perishable and refrigerated goods, animals, valuables and airmail
· Picking and deconsolidation services ("fast lane" accelerated handling)
· Interim storage and "ready-to-go" preparation of freight consignments
· Provision of trucks
· Last-minute services for urgent freight
· Capability to store all types of hazardous goods for long periods
· Hall for express shipments, with direct apron access
· Bonded warehouse
· Flexible, customer-oriented processes, a lean organization, and experienced and well-trained staff to meet customer needs at reasonable, competitive prices.

Freighter Handling Service
The airport's skilled ground handler is ready to handle any type of all cargo aircraft and provides the most efficient and reliable handling service, ensuring speed and safety.
Technical Landing Service
· B747F – 80 minutes
· B767F – 60 minutes
Full Loaded Freighters (Loading/Unloading Service)
· B747F – 120 minutes
· B767F –  90 minutes
Cargo Delivery Service
Navoi International Airport has set stringent standards for cargo delivery and provides world class delivery service to the cargo agents and the shippers.
· Cargo Delivery Standards
· Cargo documents available - within 4 hours of aircraft arrival
· Cargo available - within 5 hours of aircraft arrival
For a fixed price based on your order specifications our standard delivery offers a value that is hard to match. Our delivery specialist will pick up and deliver your freight to the front door of your specified location, on time and on budget.

Our specialist will use all precaution & professional equipment you would expect from Navoi international Airport Cargo Terminal. If you require special packing or packaging, or have an extra fragile delivery, please call us to make a special request, and we will gladly accommodate your needs. Please, in advance pay attention to: 

  1. Schedule delivery
  2. Request a quote
  3. Speak with a delivery specialist

Navoi International Cargo Terminal team is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality shipping and delivery logistics.

Cargo Acceptance Service
· Carrier or its cargo agent accepts cargo only from shipper or freighter forwarder.
· The cargo which is expected to be loaded onto the Uzbekistan Airways aircraft must go through the X-RAY check. The Heavy of BIG CGO must be open-checked for security. If the cargo does not meet the requirements, then it must be rejected.
· In order to prevent A/C loading of Hidden Dangerous Goods presented as general cargo, CGO acceptance agent should use the list of Hidden Dangerous Goods, which can be included in any shipment
· If cargo acceptance agent accepts shipment from subagent or freighter forwarder which can constitute a safety risk, Security Declaration should be filled out.
· Cargo agents forwarder should follow rules and standards of cargo handling (packaging, marking, labeling condition, shipper/consignee information, restriction of cargo carriage for specific period, segment and commodity ) required by the air companies and official authorities of the countries where shipments are passed through.
AWB must be attached on your loading cargo and accepted at the place and time indicated below.
· All shipping Cargo should be proceeded from Customs clearance.
· Attach AWB label and appropriate PRIO label, accordingly to the shipment, along with the usual master label on your cargo.
Additional Information
To verify Loading
Verification can be made through telephone or fax.
If you prefer to have your verification through fax, please have your AWB number, cargo amount, weight, expected loading day, and expected loading flight number ready. Also, please, inform us if you have an alternative flight. Loading can also be verified online.
Acceptance Office Hours
· When cargo gets loaded to a passenger airplane 120 minutes prior to departure time
· When cargo gets loaded to a Freighter of BR aircraft 180 minutes prior to departure time
Cut-off Time

Cut-off Time is the latest time in which cargo can be accepted by Cargo Terminal in order to be transported in a specific flight. By cutoff time, the entire shipment must be physically tendered to Cargo Terminal, with all the required documentation. Cut-off times are expressed in number of hours prior to the estimated time of departure ("ETD") of the specific flight.

Clients are encouraged to tender the cargo as early as possible. At times, the acceptance and processing of the shipment may take longer than expected.
Special cargo

Due to professional training, modern equipments and state-of-the-art cargo terminal, Navoi Airport can handle any type of special shipments - from oversized pieces, to perishable products, sensitive shipments and even live animals. Since the 1st freighter operation in 2008, Navoi Airport has successfully handled frequent oversized shipments, cherries, melons and some live animals and is now ready to offer the same expertise handling for any different type of special shipments, which will require extreme attention and skillful service.

Dangerous Goods
(Cherry, Melon)
Dangerous Fruits Flowers
High value goods
Machinery High Value Pharmaceuticals
Electronic Products
(LCD panel, mobile phone)
Live Animals
(horse or cattle, tortoise)
Electronic cars cattle

Perishable Cargo needs

Perishable cargo can be defined as goods that will deteriorate over a given period of time, or if exposed to adverse temperature, humidity or other environmental conditions.
Perishables that we uplift include commodities like vegetables, dairy products, chilled meat, foodstuffs and flowers.
Our pledge to our customers is perhaps best seen in our handling of perishables.
In Navoi Airport, we have cold room facilities to handle the broadest range of perishables: from fresh produce to chilled meat, from cut flowers to temperature-sensitive medicines. These facilities vary from a 2° C cooler, 8° C cooler and a 0°C chiller to a -25°C freezer. This flexible system will cater to the specific temperature requirements of your cargo. These ensure that your products is held at the desired conditions.
Some tips for you shipping your perishable products: Perishable cargo can be: Foodstuffs, Plant materials, Hatching eggs, Medical supplies and Vaccines, and Live human organs.
Advance arrangements are required.
It is essential that the air waybills for perishable shipments be completed and accurate in all respects. Full name, address and telephone number of the shipper and consignee must be shown.
Temperature requirements must be indicated in the air waybill and may be marked on packages in bold letters below the name and address of the consignee. This is to alert our handling staff to the special storage requirements.
For more information, please contact your local Navoi International Airport Cargo Terminal office.

Valuable Cargo needs

Making your shipments available at the destination on time and safely is our highest priority.
The following items are examples of shipments requiring security services:
· Gold, platinum group metals;
· Legal banknotes, traveler‘s securities, share coupons, and stamps;
· Precious stones, including diamonds, rubies, emerald, sapphires, opals and pearls;
· Jewellery, watches and articles made of silver, gold, platinum;
· Any article having a declared value for carriage of USD1,000 or more per gross kilogram.
Our key security service features for your valuable shipments:
Security escorts for the transfer of the shipment to/from the aircraft/warehouse.
Surveillance at all stages of handling within the warehouse. This is achieved by means of closed circuit television system with video recording capability.
Storage in secured storage area that has been designed to prevent unauthorized access.
For more information, please contact your local Navoi International Airport Cargo Terminal office

Live Animals needs

The carriage of any live animal by air must comply with the current edition of the IATA Live Animals Regulations. These regulations specify the design elements of the containers for the animals, documentation, labeling and handling recommendations.
You must obtain all the necessary Government and Quarantine approvals at origin and destination. Many countries allow the importation of live animals on condition that they undergo a period of quarantine. The length of the quarantine period and the fee vary from country to country. You will find more information to assist you in making transportation arrangements for your pets from the following IATA website link.
For more information, please contact your local Navoi International Airport Cargo Terminal office.

Dangerous Goods needs

Safe handling of goods classed as ‘dangerous' is another service offered by Navoi International Airport Cargo.
The transport of such items is regulated, and these articles or substances are deemed safe for transportation by air, if they meet the requirements specified in the current edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. These regulations specify how the articles must be packed, marked, labeled and documented.

The following are some common items classified as dangerous goods. Such items must always be uplifted as cargo and not as baggage or in postal mail:
· Fireworks: Signal flares, Sparklers or other explosives.
· Flammable Liquid or Solids: Fuel, Paints, Lighter refills, Matches.
· Household items: Drain cleaners and solvents.
· Pressure containers: Spray cans, Butane fuel, Scuba tanks, propane tanks, Carbon Dioxide cartridges, and self-inflating rafts.
· Weapons: Firearms, Ammunition, Gunpowder, Mace, Tear gas or Pepper spray
· Other hazardous materials: Dry ice, Gasoline-powered tools, Wet-cell Batteries, Camping equipment with fuel, Radioactive materials, Poisons, Infectious Substances.

This list is not exhaustive. There are many other items that can be classified as Dangerous Goods when transported by air.
We have teams of highly trained licensed staff to ensure that the acceptance, loading and handling of dangerous goods complies with established international regulations. This high level of expertise ensures that we never put our cargo, passengers, crew and the environment at risk.
Things you need to do for your Dangerous Goods consignment:
· You must comply fully with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations when transporting items.
· You must ensure that the articles or substances are not prohibited for transportation by air.
· You are responsible for identifying and classifying all dangerous goods, which includes packing, marking, labeling and documentation in compliance with the regulations.
· You must complete a Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods and an air waybill must be completed for each consignment of dangerous goods.
Advance arrangements are required.

For comprehensive details on the classification of dangerous goods, and any restrictions, please refer to IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. Any local freight forwarder can also provide assistance.
For more information, please contact your local Navoi International Airport Cargo Terminal office.

Airmail needs
 At Navoi International Airport Cargo, we ensure your postal airmail is delivered to the destination at the fastest and most reliable manner. We are keen to improve and upgrade our postal airmail business with utmost service commitment and build a closer working relationship with all postal organization. We are able to offer high quality and reliable logistic solutions to all postal organizations worldwide.
For more information, please contact your local Navoi International Airport Cargo Terminal office.

Ground/Warehouse Equipments

Navoi Airport has consistently reinforced ground and warehouse equipments and is successfully handling increased flights and significantly higher volume of cargo, even under extreme weather conditions. Navoi Airport will continue to introduce modern, sophisticated equipments this year and in the coming years, to further upgrade our handling capabilities and meet increasing demands of our customers.



In Service

Max. Capacity






Main Deck Loader


 B747F / 20 Ton

Main/Lower Deck Loader


B747F / 7 Ton

Conveyor Belt Car





15 Ton



  15 Ton

Tug Car


15 Ton

Cargo Dolly


10FT, 20FT





10,000 Gal ( 38,500 Liter)

Towing Truck


400 Ton/24,500daN (Force)



270 ppm




De-icing Truck


Snow Blower






Step Car



Manual Cargo Step


B747F (2), A300F (1)

Customs Clearance
Navoi Customs opened its branch office within the Navoi Airport Cargo Terminal and Navoi International Airport is currently providing efficient customs clearance service along with Navoi Customs Department. These days Navoi International Airport is performing advanced, simplified customs clearance as well as bonded transportation process.
Navoi Tue, 15 Jun

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