Aircraft Support

Freighter Apron
Our recently constructed freighter apron is capable of accommodating up to five B747-400 aircraft, which makes it one of the unique airports in Central Asia for cargo handling. The apron has been designed to be next to the cargo terminal giving it an advantage of easy and smooth handling of cargo, time saving and risk free 24 hours operations environment.

Size                     420m x 180m

Capacity              5 Boeing 747 Freighters

Nose Tethering    Available

Fuelling service
Our fuelling facility provides JET A1 type of fuel that, in quality, meets all approved world standards.
At the moment the fuelling storage can hold enough fuel to fill up seven B747F aircrafts daily and we are working on the expansion of our fuel storage capacity to be capable of servicing up to twenty seven B747 flights.
Maintenance Service
The airport provides line maintenance service to the aircraft using our airport. We are proud to say that our aviation mechanics, who are involved in servicing B747, have been trained by Korean Air training centre and successfully completed their training in July 2010. They now hold certificates authorising them to handle B747 type of aircraft and can provide support to other types of aircraft
Flight Operations Services
RAMP Coordination Service

Our well trained ramp coordination team assures speedy, safe and professional ground handling procedures at our airport: such as aircraft loading/unloading, cargo & passenger handling, ground transportation of aircrafts, etc. In maintaining our best possible ramp service level, we rely on our professionals and our multiplying and continuously modernized fleet.

Air Traffic Control Service

We provide vigilant 24 hours Air Traffic Control (ATC) services through our ATC Tower and nearly located ATC complex equipped with high level Navigation aids and reliable radio communication systems. Our well experienced ATC specialists, who are also certified by State Aviation Authority, maintain safety and effectiveness for aircrafts' air and ground movements (pilots take-off, landing and taxiway movements, etc).


Our dispatchers, who have acquired professional experience from Briefing departments of both HY and KE companies and who have been trained at Uzbekistan Airways’ Training Center, provide the costumers with full range of flight data, NOTAM and Flight Briefing service and they also develop flight plans using SITA computerized systems.



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